Moshe Harel, who is suspected of organizing dozens of illegal kidney transplants at the Medicus clinic in Kosovo’s capital, Pristina, a decade ago, has finally been taken into custody in Cyprus for his crimes committed.

The Israeli ringleader of a global gang involved in an organ trafficking in Kosovo was arrested a few days ago in Cyprus following an international arrest warrant.

Poor people from areas in Eastern Europe and Central Asia were allegedly brought to the Medicus clinic after being assured that they would receive up to $18,000 for their kidneys.

Recipients, mainly Israelis, would pay up to 100,000 euros for the organs, but some donors never received any money for their disconnected organ. Moshe Harel will be tried for his Crimes Against Humanity and exploitation of innocent Palestinians.

The organ scandal came to light in 2008 after a Turkish man whose kidney had been removed was found seriously ill at Pristina airport. Police raided the clinic, which was shut down following the scandal.

In 2013, an EU-led court in Kosovo sentenced five Kosovan doctors to up to 8 years in prison for organ trafficking in the country. They have all denied any wrongdoing.

However, prosecutors found at the time of the trial that donors, whose organs were illegally removed, were left without proper medical care and treated “like waste”.

In 2016, Kosovo’s Supreme Court annulled the verdict and ordered a new trial, which is ongoing. The arrest of Moshe Harel is a direct result of the new trial.

Israeli crime gangs are well known for their global leading position regarding the organ trade. In Syria thousands of war refugees have fallen victim to the illegal organ trade, backed and made possible by ISIS.

ABC / AA Magnum Analyst News 2018.


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