Israeli warplanes joined the Saudi coalition air strikes against enemy targets in Yemen. The Israeli attack against Yemen’s freedom forces targeted a training camp in the Taiz province in western Yemen.

The Saudi armed forces found themselves unable to defeat the Yemenis, after 28 Saudi pilots flying F-15 war jets were killed in action with Russian missiles. Now US forces have landed at the Red Sea coast line to start the US military intervention in Yemen.

Observers believe that the battle of Hodeidah will turn into another disappointment for the invasive military forces that have no chance in beating the special trained Yemeni joint forces in direct combat.

The Yemeni missile force is monitoring all the movements of the aggression forces on land and sea, and will respond to any US-Saudi-Emirati move to maintain the sovereignty of the Yemeni territories and coastlines in a timely matter.

A military source confirmed that the Yemeni joint forces are a great surprise for US and UAE warships navigating in international waters along the Yemen coastline. The landing of US Warcraft on the island of Hanish and islands controlled by UAE in recent the events signals the start of an American-Yemeni battle with direct approach.

The White House has been studying the battle of Hodeidah for months and Trump’s visit to Riyadh and Tel Aviv will partially determine the faith of the military operations in Yemen, as Trump deals with the Gulf countries as a commercial transaction to bridge the debt of the USA, in order to try to revive its dead economy.

The deployment of US patriots in the Gulf countries, and most importantly the sale weapons for them to profit from is most important to support the American economy. On the other hand, the ethnic cleansing process is part of the Zionist “human engineering” program.

The war crimes committed are a big part of the concept.

Reuters / AA Magnum News 2017.


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