After the brutal assassination of one of Africa’s greatest leaders, and the complete destruction of the Libyan infrastructure, the UN and NATO have left a humanitarian mess behind in the oil-rich north African country.

Now, Libyan politicians are supposed to hold a number of meetings with Moscow, in an attempt to regulate the conflict between the army and the double government, which has split the country in two, since 2011.

Italy has thousands of troops stationed in Libya to protect the oil refineries along the northern coastline, from where a wave of refugees are fleeing to the Italian mainland in order to find a second chance in life. Italy has threatened to block the adoption of the EU budget if the refugee problem is not resolved.

Now Rome has decided to appeal to Moscow for help, even despite the frustration of its NATO allies. NATO has also deployed thousands of French and British troops in order to occupy strategic and tactical positions in Libya.

At the moment “eastern” Libya’s power is wielded by parliament deputies, which form the House of Representatives of Libya, while western puppet Al-Sarraj represents “western” Libya, where in Tripoli the so-called “transitional” government resides. The parliament deputies do not recognize the ministers and visa-versa.

As for the position of “Supreme Commander in Chief” of the Army, the Libyan parliament has appointed Khalif Haftar, after the successful capture of Libya’s oil fields. 

The 74-year-old Field Marshall, Haftar enjoys enormous prestige in the army, associated with the liberation of significant swathes of Libyan territory from western-backed covert special forces, better known as ISIS. 

Thanks to the rise of the Internet and Alternative Media, the recruiting of conflict soldiers is now done by “Blackwater” security type of mercenary agencies.

Officially, American soldiers can not do the dirty work for the oil giants anymore <and in order to avoid the official death counts of fallen souls, which were used to come home in body bags covered with the American flags> the U.S. trained CIA-assassins are replacing the empty void. Haftar survived several assassination attempts since then.

In order to stop the covertly organized war-(annexing oil reserves) and refugee (cheap slave labor in EU) crisis in Libya, Field Marshall Haftar has visited Moscow @ least twice now. Haftar has allegedly eve requested arms deliveries from President Putin and Defense Minister Shoigu.

Haftar was a close, like minded friend and ally of the leader of the Libyan Revolution, Muammar Ghadaffi and stood along side him in 1969. The western media has always painted Ghadaffi as a (war) criminal, but in fact his country was the first Arab-Muslim country that allowed women at the country’s Universities.

At the time, General Khalif Haftar directed the majority of Libya’s military operations. In those years he repeatedly visited the USSR, studied @ a Soviet military academy and learned to speak Russian. Now he doesn’t need a translator when he visits Moscow.

All of this dramatically changed after he ended up captured, under unclear circumstances, during the Chadian-Libyan War in 1987. Since than, he lived quietly and peacefully in Virginia, the same state where the CIA headquarters are located.

Contact between Moscow and Haftar have reached such an intensity by the beginning of 2017, that Europe is starting to seriously fear the construction of a Russian Naval Base in Benghazi. In January 2017, he visited the Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, when it was deployed in the Mediterranean Sea on its way to Syria.

Haftar is again the undisputed commander of the Libyan Army, because he concentrated real power in his hands, real power that is really opposed to Jihadist terrorists operating in Libya. This is perfectly understood by Minister Sarraj, the EU, and the USA.

Fort / AA Magnum-News 2017.


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