A massive avalanche in the mountainous region of Abbruzo covered a three story hotel in Italy. At least 30 people are missing, including children that staying at the “Four Star” Spa Hotel.

Rescue crews are desperately searching for survivors in the snow covered hotel. After two days of intense digging, four people were rescued overnight. Two children were among the ten victims found alive.

The avalanche dumped 5 meters of snow on the luxury Hotel Rigopiano, 200 km northeast of Rome. The first group of six survivors were rescued on Friday. They managed to find an air pocket in the kitchen of the hotel.

The first rescue teams arrived had arrived on skies on Thursday, while firefighters were dropped by helicopter. Snow mobiles were also mobilized. Two people escaped the devastation at the hotel in the quake stricken mountains of central Italy and called for help..

It took hours for responders to arrive @ the remote hotel, located about 50 km from the coastal city of Pescara, at an altitude of about 1.313 meters. Days of heavy snowfall had knocked out electricity and phone lines in many central Italian towns and hamlets.

One of the survivors reported that the guests had all checked out and were waiting for the road to be cleared to be able to leave, but the snow plow scheduled for mid-afternoon never arrived, when the avalanche hit the hotel at 17.30 PM on Wednesday.

CBS / AA Magnum News 2017.


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