The Western leaders and the progressive elites are unanimous in their support of the war against Syria. The entire NATO armada is ready to violate international law to

Under the pretext of “saving the people of Syria” from Assad’s chemical weapons, NATO will justify its upcoming actions by invoking an imaginary “good” in another attempt to oust Assad from ruling Syria and to avoid being held responsible for the war crimes being committed.

The facts make it very clear how Italy contributes to destabilize and compromise the Mediterranean security. The two American NATO destroyer warships, the USS Porter (DDG-78)and the USS Ross (DDG-71) that attacked the Syrian base of Shayrat, form part of the 6th US Fleet with its principal base in Gaeta, Lazio.

The Sixth Fleet depends on the command of the US Naval Forces. The recent attack on Syria was ordered by President Trump from Naples, just after a UN peace deal was on the verge of being opened to bring an end to the war in Syria, the government in Damascus was accused of massacring civilians, including many children by the means of a deliberate chemical attack.

The military operation was supported by two US bases in Sicily, where the 6th Fleet and NATO are supplied with fuel and ammunition, including the Tomahawk cruise missiles used against Syria. 

Just as this operation, which Italy is participating in, was launched, the G-7 Foreign Ministers Summit @ Lucca was expanded to foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan.

Peace is obviously not an option.

In other words the countries that in the context of an international coalition organized by the CIA, provided billions of dollars, weapons, training camps and safe passage to terrorist groups including ISIS, which have been attacking Syria from the inside out. / AA Magnum News 2017.


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