The North Korean decision to fire ballistic missiles towards Japan on March 6, 2017 continues to alarm the Asia-Pacific region in some way. Now Japanese lawmakers are considering pre-emptive military actions against Pyongyang, currently forbidden by Japan’s constitution.

While North Korea trains its military to take out the new U.S.-made THAAD missile systems, recently deployed in South Korea, Japan is preparing to strike North Korea first?

To cool things down, China has offered a proposal to push Pyongyang to suspend its nuclear and missile activities in return for a halt in the annual U.S. war drills in South Korea. Both Washington and Seoul rejected the plan, proving peace is not on the agenda.

North Korea has launched 4 missiles in the range of 1000 km. Three of them landed in the sea, 200 miles within Japan’s exclusive economic zone off the Oga Peninsula. Japan fears that they could be under attack anytime soon and would not have the time to defend themselves (read shoot back).

The DPRK is developing its nuclear technology and its missile launch platforms to defend the country against its hostile neighbors, that are pushing the conflict since WW II. The hysterical attitude of the Americans is aimed to dominate and control the Pyongyang government and turn them into puppets, just like all the other invaded or occupied countries around the world.

With the failure of China’s proposed deal, the U.S. and their capitalist allies have yet to propose an alternative plan to de-escalate tensions on the Korean peninsula. In the meanwhile the US Marines have mobilized almost a dozen FB-35B Joint Strike Fighters to a base in Japan, some 40 km southwest of Hiroshima.

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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