The Israeli authorities have barred Al Jazeera from attending a press conference in Jerusalem, where it announced to close the network’s office in Jerusalem. Tel-Aviv is basing the decision on that the channel is being used by groups to incite violence.

Israel said it is following the decision on the move by Sunni Arab states to close the Al Jazeera offices and blocking their work. The Doha-based media network in Qatar denounced the measures from a country that claims to be “the only democracy in the Middle East”?

Al-Jazeera will continue to cover the events of the occupied Palestinian territories in a professional and accurate way, according to the standards set by international agencies, such as the UK Office of Communications. However the pan-Arab networks’ offices of Gaza and the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah would not be affected by the current Israeli move.

Israeli PM, Netanyahu has been threatening to shut down Al Jazeera operations in the country, accusing the network for inciting violence against Israel. Showing the synergy of dictatorship of military occupation in Palestine.

This attack on Al-Jazeera is really an attack on all critical independent journalism, and a full frontal assault on press freedom. 

Saudi Arabia and Jordan have both shut down Al Jazeera as part of a coordinated diplomatic and economic campaign against Qatar. The Al-Jazeera’s signal in the UAE has also been blocked, while Egypt did outcast Al Jazeera several years ago.

Al-Jazeera / AA-Magnum News 2017.


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