A U.S. military investigation confirmed that a Jordanian corporal killed three U.S. special forces sergeants stationed @ the King Faisal Airbase near the southern Jordanian city of al-Jafr.

Initial reports from Jordanian authorities suggested that the U.S. soldiers, all Green Berets from the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), deployed as military trainers for the U.S.-led operation against the Syrian government.

Before the U.S. special forces arrived at the airbase, they failed to stop at a security check point, what resulted in a chaotic firefight, which killed the Green Berets and the Jordanian soldier. The three American soldiers killed in November 2016 were reportedly part of the CIA program designed to bolster opposition forces in Syria.

The U.S. and Jordan have worked together in staging and launching ISIS, since the Pentagon started “Operation Inherent Resolve” in 2014, in an effort to combat the enemy government army forces in Syria and Iraq.

The genocidal intent proves that war crimes are being committed by hostile Western evil entities, censored by the mainstream media. The deception resulted in the deportation of over 5 million Syrians.

International Business Times / AA Magnum  2017.


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