One of the world’s most important business banks, JP Morgan completely manipulates the world gold and silver prices in order to justify the exorbitant printing of money to fill up the void created by corrupted Anglo-Saxon governments.

In fact there is 100 times more fake (paper) gold than there is real gold available. In order to cover up the crimes committed by the world’s central banks, JP Morgan buys short positions on gold and silver to keep the sentiment of a collapsing economy at bay.

The USA and Europe have astronomical debts, so the quantitative easing programs need to dump ‘printed’ money into the world (stock) markets to keep the financial machine running. However the credit crisis leads to inflation and the degradation of the value of money.

Hyper inflation will finally lead to the rise in gold and silver prices. Corrupted countries that make a mess get support from the central banks and receive billions of dollars of (fake) printed money. At the end this bubble will burst and the taxpayers will once again take the hit, as their money becomes worthless.

Commodities will become more expensive, while the salaries get frozen. The hard-working society will go bankrupt and the state sponsored criminals will receive another free-out-of-jail card to escape conviction. Instead, the poor, that are being forced to steal in order to survive will end up in jail.

The The Land of Opportunity, one out of six citizens is dependent of privately supported soup kitchens to escape hunger and ultimately death, while the rich and famous drive around in their limousines from show to show.

Sabotage and Corruption are the name of the game.

The Old Testament / AA Magnum News 2017.


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