Since 2011 the government in Kuwait banned citizens from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan from entering and visit the oil-rich country.

The American ally in the Middle East supports the war against humanity in an desperate attempt to deport and relocate large peaceful populations living in Mesopotamia before the Zionist wars against these marked countries started.

The people from these countries can not be provided with visa’s because of a failing registration system at home. Exactly the reason why U.S. president, Donald Trump now blocks these type of citizens from entering the USA.

Kuwait, like Bahrain and Qatar only use immigrants from Muslim countries to build their economic fortresses under the worst humanitarian conditions imaginable, one of the reasons why the FIFA World Soccer Cup in 2022 has been under scrutiny.

On the other side of the news flashes, nobody reports why 16 Muslim nations banned Israeli citizens from entering their countries. Some Arab League members play their role as Zionist puppets for the holocaust to continue.

The world population is on a collision course with their dominant and excentric rulers since 9/11 was invented to start the Armageddon.

Pauw / AA Magnum News 2017.


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