The latest annual Waffen SS veterans march held in Riga, casts doubt on Latvia’s status as a part of ‘civilized’ Europe.

However, while previously the Remembrance Day of the Latvian Legionnaire was observed as a ‘national holiday’, this year most Latvian politicians, from the right-wing National Alliance, opted not to participate in the event.

While Ukraine rushed to adopt the ideology of its own Nazi collaborators as the official state ideology, the Baltic States proved reluctant to follow their example that exhibits revanchist attitudes. Nothing good will come out of the events like the Waffen SS march in Riga.

The European anti-Nazi legislation outlaws any attempt to promote Nazism. It’s hard to shake the feeling that this double-standard policy reflects the perception of the Baltic State’s citizens as ‘second class’ people.

By portraying people who betrayed Latvia and fought for Hitler as heroes, these falsifiers of history risk casting doubt, not just on their right to be a part of Russia that defeated Hitler, but on their very independence as well.

We now where the ideology of hatred towards people leads us to. The anti-Russia campaign in Europe is really of the charts. The Latvian state is now occupied by NATO troops from Canada to cover and protect the secret Zionist agenda in Europe.

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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