The latest news is that the UK is expelling 23 Russian diplomats and canceling Lavrov’s visit to the UK. Instead of issuing bizarre ultimatums London needs to send over a sample of the poison it claims was used.

This had nothing to do with the spy’s (double agents) but everything to do with falsely (false flag) accusing Russia, which will provide the excuse for Britain to confiscate Russia’s property and gold in the UK, for extraditing embassy staff, introducing more sanctions, and at the same time doing what they are told by USA and Israel.

UK accuses Russia of terrorist acts using chemical weapons and using terrorism in violation of International Law. Those accusations are actually what the UK is guilty of plus more!

Russian FM, Sergei Lavrov also added that Russia officially demanded London give her access to all materials on the case of Sergei Skripal, but the British side refused?

Unelected British PM, Theresa May said in her speech earlier that the attack on the former spy was either an act of the Russian state against Britain, or the Russian government had lost control over the nerve agent.

Lavrov stated that Russia would not respond to London’s ultimatum in connection with the “Skripal case” until British services give Russia access to the substance that had been used to poison the former Russian spy and his daughter Yulia.

Before delivering ultimatums – to provide a report to the British government within 24 hours – they should rather comply with their own obligations under the international law, in this case the convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons.

Germany, France and the USA blame Russia for UK nerve agent attack, while Israel denounces UK nerve agent attack, without mentioning Russia. / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News 2018.


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