Today the London police reported, that suspected assailant of a terror attack is believed to have driven his car over the Westminster Bridge and then crashed into the gates outside the Parliament.

One women was killed after being run over by the car driven by the terrorist, while another victim was also thought to have been killed on the Westminster Bridge. After the assailant slammed into the gates of Westminster Palace, jumped out of the car and stabbed a police officer.

A crowd of terrified people could be seen running away from the scene, after three shots were firedby two policemen getting out of a police car amid the confusion. Before the assailant could attack another police officer, he was shot dead. At least 20 people are injured.

Three French students are among those critically injured, while a ‘lucky’ women was pulled out from the River Thames to live another day. Police has put the area on lockdown and cleared the surrounding area for further investigation.

The attack came at the moment some Western countries were holding a meeting in Washington to discuss how to respond to (future) terror attacks.

BBC / AA Magnum News 2017.


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