Last year the Labour Party introduced an amendment the country’s Ommigration Bill, allowing Britain to accept 3.000 children from North Africa and the Middle East.

Now, London is scrapping the program to resettle child refugees from war struck countries, after resettling 350 children, that survived deady conflicts across the world. An estimated 90.000 lone child refugees arrived in Europe in 2015, but how could London help, if they are taking part in creating refugees themself.

Many observers across the world blame the interventionist policies of Western powers on a surge in orchestrated terrorism and war in North Africa and the Middle East, that have forced millions of people to flee their homes and leave their villages behind.

American and British troops have invaded and occupied many oil-rich countries in the Middle East and North Africa, causing death and destruction among the civilians living in those created war zones. The Western diplomacy is back-firing on the fascist governments that are now obligating to stop the flow of refugees from entering their countries.

The shameful act shuts the door on vulnerable kids, but Theresa May is withdrawing London’s pledge to let thousands of unaccompanied children enter the UK, that were registered in Greece, Italy and France.

In reality only 200 children have entered the UK, after the plan took effect in October last year. Another 150 are expected to enter the country before the scheme ends.

Reuters / AA Magnum News 2017.


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