A home-made bomb exploded on a packed rush-hour train in London injured @ least 29 people in what was being threatened as the fifth terrorism attack in Britain this year.

Passengers on board the train heading into the capital fled as fire engulfed a carriage @ Green Tube station underground station in West London after the explosion at 08.20 AM. Some were injured in a stampede trying to escape, while others suffered burns.

According to the Metropolitan Police the bomb used in the attack was an improvised explosive device. London’s Muslim Major Sadiq Khan called for calm in the wake of the explosion. In 2005, suicide bombers set off explosion on underground trains and a double-decker bus, killing 52 people.

London has witnessed its deadliest terrorist violence in more than a decade, after UK’s military forces have been supporting ISIS and other rebel groups fighting for regime change in Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria,Yemen, Central African Republic, Somalia, Venezuela, Mali and Iraq.

After the British Empire carved up the borders of all the countries they invaded, they insured future systematic chaos for the politicians to abuse in order to control the assets in the occupied territories.

The political terms <for forcefully stealing other country’s minerals> used by the fake media to brainwash the audience is “Business & Development”, for the greedy banks to take over the targeted economies.

BBC / AA-Magnum Analyst Blog-Site News 2017.


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