Outgoing US President Barack Obama declared Venezuela “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security and foreign policy of the United States“.

Last year was a difficult period for Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, but he showed he could cope with many problems, even though the accomplishments are not publicized in the Western media. An austerity progam was introduced to save the country.

The subsidiary assistance program was revised to support distressed customers, instead of producers. Maduro also managed to preserve the social security system. A fundamental achievement, which also received no media attention in the West.

Venezuela spends 71.4% of the National Budget on Social Programs. This is a world record, because no other country in the world dedicates nearly three quarters of its budget to social investments!

The construction of social housing continued in 2016. Nearly 360.000 apartments and vivienda’s (houses) were built as free property to the Venezuelans. The essence of this system is as follows ; no one is too rich, and there is no poverty either!

The Venezuelan state also finances healtheducation and subsidises producers of goods and services. The things that cost too much in the West, are cheap in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s gasoline, even today, is the cheapest in the world. One liter of fuel costs $ 0.01 cent!  In Colombia gasoline costs $0.72 cents, which leads to speculative trade among both countries.

About 6 million Colombian refugees live in Venezuela at the moment. Like with the subsidized foods, the petroleum trade is a burning hot item to be traded along the borders. The difference in prices leads to the creation of a huge black market, including the currency one.

In Venezuela there is a shortage of everything, but people have everything they need at the same time. They have food in their new subsidized fridges and receive apartments, cars etc. from Caracas, to improve their lifestyle.

To make the situation in Venezuela more unstable, the West tries to sabotage and destabilize the system. The US Treasury Department ordered the NGO’s to withdraw $300 billion from the liquidity market, to strangle the national financial system and leave the country moneyless, for the American corporations, mobster and drugs dealers to take over (again).

To protect Venezuela against the hostile American diplomatic invasion, Maduro announced the establishment of special forces to combat potential Zionist crime rings. The “Comando Antigolpe” will involve armed forces, police and central government forces, with Vice-President, Tarek El Aissami in command.

In the end Venezuela will be a country dedicatad to its people and not some arrogant war monging global enterprises that think the world is theirs to rob and destroy. The BRICS block will support Maduro in his fight against commercialized capitalism to show the world how profits can be shared among its citizens.

Pravda / AA Magnum News 2017.


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