De cash strapped country of Italy is being supported by a common source, the local gangsters. Because banks cannot supply the need for cash anymore businesses are forced to take desperate measures and take choking loans with the local mafia. The contract are being setup by at firsdt site trustworthy lawyers, bankers and notaries. According to SOS Impresa the loans are at least 140 billion euro per year. Once a loan taken with the mafia the debt can never be erased anymore and people are forced to keep handing over high monthly payments.

iNews – Z24

De Italiaanse maffia vaart wel bij de financiele crisis in het land. Naast de reguliere inkomsten uit drugs- en wapenhandel verstrekt de organisatie nu steeds meer woeker leningen. Volgens SOS Impresa draaien criminele organisaties in het land samen een omzet van 140 miljard euro per jaar. De leningen worden vastgelegd bij op het oog respectabele advocaten, bankiers en notarissen.

iNews – Z24.


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