Russia has closed down four McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow for sanitary violations, after a consumer watchdog filed a suit demanding certain burgers and milkshakes to be banned on grounds of fat, protein and calories they contain derailing food safety norms.

Violations have been found that put the quality and safety of food products in doubt for the whole McDonald’s food chain. The national monitoring service for consumer rights and well being announced that one of the outlets that has been forced to close is the iconic restaurant on Pushkin Square, that opened just before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Now the McDonald’s restaurants are being closed are being forced to close amid claims the restaurant chain is misleading customers about what they are actually being served. Reuters reported that the consumer watchdog claims McDonald’s is deceiving customers about the energy value of beef and chicken burgers and about nutritional value of its milkshakes and ice creams.

Caesar wrap sandwiches and vegetable salads were found contaminated with coliform bacteria, which indicated the likelihood of food poisoning. According to Russia 24, one survey suggests 60% of Russians think all McDonald’s restaurants should be closed.

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