Another earthquake toppled dozens of buildings, broke gas lines and sparked fires less than to weeks after a heavy 8.2 magnitude earthquake killed nearly 100 people in southern Mexico.

Rescue crews and citizens searched through rubble for survivors as night fell on battered cities in central Mexico, where the death toll from the 7.1 magnitude earthquake grew to 216 victims. Millions of people fled into the streets, where they experienced the violent shaking and desperately waited for families to unite.

In Mexico City as many as 44 buildings collapsed, including a primary school. More than 20 children had been found dead @ the school, while another 30 children remained missing. About 4.6 million homes, businesses & other facilities had lost electricity.

Earthquakes of magnitude 7 or above are regarded as a major quake, which are capable of causing widespread heavy damage. Another 11 aftershocks were registered after the initial quake around lunchtime of Tuesday. At the same time as the earthquake, Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano showed a small eruption.

Mexican stocks and the peso currency dropped on the news of the earthquake and Mexico’s stock exchange suspended official trading.

Press TV / Crickey Conservation Society 2017.


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