The sudden, but more importantly unexplained, tragedy over the vanished Boeing-777 from Malaysian Airlines continues to surprise the audience.

The situation has been manicured to perfection in order to disguise the crimes committed by parties that profited from the MH-370 aviation hoax. Never in history have air accident been treated this way. For a big plane to vanish from radar screen without notice is technologically impossible nowadays.

The most revealing information that was temporarily available on the internet, is that in combination with the Dutch-led MH-17 investigation, the final report was concluded without the supportive evidence of all the collected wreckage part series found on the ground in Ukraine.

According to previous new bulletins about the (two) horror stories combined, where explanations are largely censored for ‘security reasons'<which is obviously an amazing result for the left behind families of the victims>, never ever in aviation history have investigators not taken all the evidence into account.

In the Ukraine MH-17 wreckage parts were found that belonged to the vanished MH-370? Now we understand why the Dutch investigative final report was not based on all the evidence. Back to the MH-370 hoax, this Boeing airship was dismantled @ a U.S. military base in Diego Garcia. The work was performed by an Israeli specialist company.

Now the propaganda news stories are revealing that the MH-370 vanished in a radar-poor region, deep southwest in the Indian Ocean far away from civilization, but all of a sudden Dutch vessel shares stories to give the audience new hope. But soon after they revealed, that the two sonar objects discovered in the territory were sunken ships and not of any importance to the investigation.

The MH-370 had four very important Chinese businessmen on the flight, whom together owned a semi-conductor company in Austin, Texas, together with the world-famous clan leader, Jacob Rothschild. Now this central bank mogul owns all the stocks of that company, thanks to the vanishing of the Malaysian Boeing 777.

In the Dutch case, the MH-17 had over 100 of the best educated Aids scientists on board on their way to summit in Malaysia to reveal that the disease is very curable. Both ‘accidents’ mark a great deal of suspicion in how the cases are handled by only two parties, the Dutch and the Australians.

Instead aircraft investigators of the Ukraine (MH-17) and Malaysia (MH-370) should have been the leading detectives in both cases. The information had to be manicured to perfection in order for the guilty to escape prosecution.

The Daily Beast / AA Magnum News 2017.


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