With NATO building up its military forces @ Russia’s doorstep, Moscow’s defense forces are upgraded to protect the city from possible nuclear missile attacks.

Today, the Russian capital of Moscow is protected by at least 10 S-400 Triumf anti-missile defense systems that are able to fend off any possible future attack from hostile NATO strikes.

To protect the 10 Battalions of the S-400 defense missile systems, the Russian Aerospace Forces deployed a Battalion of Pantsir S1/2 short-range gun-missile system per Regiment, to defend Moscow City against precision-guided enemy missiles.

One battalion of the S-400 Triumf system, each has 8 Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL) vehicles to their disposal, which brings the total number of TEL’s to 80! A very large figure by any military standard.

Of the 5 Regiments defending Moscow, two of them also include a battalion of the older “but still formidable” S-300 PM-series SAM systems. A further 3 S-300 PM-series regiments are likewise stationed around the capital.

The extreme defense system serves as the last line of defense for Russia’s political and military leadership. This effort shows that Moscow is now covered from strikes by an aerial opponent with a probability of 99%.

The S-400 system can detect targets at altitudes of up to 100 km. The long-range high-speed 40N6 missiles have an operational range of 250-400 km. The high mobility, short deployment times, sophisticated radars and advanced hypersonic missiles make the S-400 system unique in its performance.

In the meanwhile, Russia’s upcoming S-500 Triumfator-M is expected to join its service in 2020. The new system is most probably oriented towards the defense against ballistic missiles and emerging hypersonic weapons.

The first operational S-500 regiment is intended to defend Moscow and the Central Economic Region. With dozens assassination attempts on Vladimir Putin, he is the most wanted person in the world for the CIA & Mossad puppets that need to obey orders from the fascist Anglo-Saxon Ashkenazi elite.

National Interest.org / AA Magnum News 2017.


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