The high profile murder of Moscow’s top diplomat to Turkey will be addressed with the UN Security Council. Russia’s resolve to bring regional actors to bear on ending the proxy war in Syria, prove that the stakes are high for Putin.

Which party involved in the War against Syria has lost the most of its reputation during the last couple of months. ISIS and other terror groups were flushed out of Aleppo, while the Americans did not want to participate in the recent talks in Moscow.

Turkish president Erdogan likes to blame the CIA protected puppet Fethullah Gulen, but looks to be a distraction to cover up his own responsibility towards foreign diplomats in Ankara, no matter what country they represent. Maybe the Takfiri’s were ordered to assassinate the Russian ambassador after the liberation victory of Aleppo.

After all, Aleppo used to be the operational headquarters for several secret services, including the command center for Israel, BritainFrance and the USA. The Russian approach to get those thugs out of Aleppo was a crucial and strategic victory over the covert western supported terror groups operating in Syria.

Some say the murder on the top Russian diplomat could have been the work of a lone terrorist cell, frustrated about the change of direction in the almost six long war in Syria that killed 500.000 people and displaced and/or deported at least 11 million lost souls. The Kurds could be scrapped of the suspect list, because the killer was an Turkish police officer, which could never have been Kurdish related.

The only party left, where nobody is talking or silent about is NATO. This military organization has Turkey as a member to carry out assault on Syrian targets, covered by NATO member air forces such as the USA, Britain and France.

Media sources that shout about the barbaric bombing of eastern Aleppo and mass losses among the population are categorically silent about the same situation in Mosul, while the western partners are busier with rhetoric and propaganda and aren’t influencing those who listen to them, or in “other words” those “who work for them” to kill Syrians, were listed on indirect western payrolls.

All together it can be concluded that the order to kill Andrei Karlov comes from the direct of indirectly from the West. Like the ones that established ISIS to function as the boots on the ground for the U.S. coalition to do the dirty work on the ground, while being protected by the Zionist media.

The final outcome of the prolonged human tragedy in Syria has a direct bearing on the credibility of Russia’s standing in regional geopolitics and the effectiveness of its diplomacy.

The death of the Russian top diplomat was intended to derail the troika (Russia-Iran-Turkey) talks in Moscow to end the war in Syria. But in fact it brought the parties tighter together to stop the this seemingly endless tragedy in the Middle East.

Russia Beyond the Headlines / AA Magnum News 2017.


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