The USA is creating a military infrastructure near Russia’s borders for the application of a sudden nuclear strike on Moscow. This statement was made at the Moscow international security conference of the Russian Armed Forces.

History repeats itself, after the first an second attempt to invade, annex and occupy the Russian territory failed during WW I and WW II. Now NATO has the job to try to take over Russian mineral riches in an new attempt orchestrated by the evil Zionist movement, that controls almost the entire global resources.

US ballistic missile bases in Europe, warships with cruise missiles create a powerful hidden impact component for the application of a surprise nuclear missile attack on the Russian Federation. The US missile system uses ground-based version of radar systems and missile launchers, which provide the use of a wide range of missiles.

Back in 1987, the USA and the Soviet Union signed the “Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty” to liquidate the weapons, in order to halt the arms race.

But over the past 15 years the US Government has spent $130 billion on strengthening and deploying the missile systems, and plans to invest another $55 billion in the next five years.

So, by 2022, the USA will have more missiles than there are warheads in Russia. During the Moscow convention it was stressed that Russia will be forced to take measures to protect itself from exposure to a sudden strike, and missile defense.

Fort / AA Magnum-News 2017.


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