Following NATO’s decision to strengthen its presence in the Baltic Sea and Black Sea, Russia has grown more critical about the U.S. military presence @ its European borders.

The U.S. ordered the guided missile destroyer, USS Ross to join the Landing ship USS Whidbey Island into the Black Sea for 2.300 soldier strong military drills off the coast of Ukraine’s port city Odessa, despite persistent Russian warnings to keep U.S. war vessels away.

The USS Ross is part of the four U.S. interceptor missile destroyers that has its port of duty in Rota, Spain.

Together with the USS Donald Cook and two other Aegis missile destroyers, the European the missile shield is supported by two land based missile silo’s. One system in Romania, deployed @ a former Nazi-base, while the other one is located in Poland.

However the new Russian magnetic pulse weapon technology can scramble the entire NATO war operation at any moment it pleases. While the S-400 and S-500 missile defense system can protect Russia from any incoming ballistic missile.

The U.S. show of force is nothing but a lame propaganda move to motivate invaded former Russian satellite states to take part in a deadly NATO offensive against Russia, that will have to share their blood spoiled at their own turf.

In 2014 the Pentagon cyber troops invaded Kiev to annex Ukraine and cut off Russian gas supplies to Europe. The puppet regime has a hard time holding on to its grip on the economy, but finally failed to do so.

The NATO exercises must share some light on the possibility to stay in control, even if it will lead Ukraine to the ultimate nightmarish Armageddon, what represents a bloody copy of the Nazi Gestapo torture camps, during WW II.

Newsweek / AA Magnum News 2016.


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