NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg vowed to fortify its military presence in the Black Sea. With NATO increasing its military buildup in the Black Sea region we might find ourselves in the situation of a Cold War.

The danger lies in the fact that NATO is expected to counter Russia’s interests in the region. Not only because of the purchase of more arms, but also because of the significant increase of overall military spending in the former Warsaw Pact countries.

Like this, Russia is likely to lose interest in a dialogue with NATO, if Stoltenberg does not promote the restoration of bilateral cooperation, and the new plans get implemented.

Tensions between Russia and NATO have flared up since Washington orchestrated a coup d’etat on Kiev. The IMF economically invaded the entire Ukraine, blocking Russian gas supplies to Europe and annexing the agricultural sector, handing over the valuable subsidiaries to fascist European banks.

NATO has now occupied all former Soviet satellite states to surround Russia and block its commercial trade capabilities and shipping routes to the rest of the world. Eastern Europe has become the NATO battlefield against Russia.

NATO has already additional troop reinforcements to the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland last month and now it’s looking to boost its southern border along the Black Sea. NATO puppet Stoltenberg maintained that the move is not meant to provoke Russia.

The West has expressed concerns over Russia’s growing political and military assertion in the region? However Moscow has strongly denied the allegations and accused the USA of expanding its geopolitical power along Russia’s borders.

IBT / AA Magnum News 2017.


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