NATO continues pushing additional military forces deep into northeastern European territory towards the Russian doorstep, in an attempt to intimidate the Russian defenses.

German troops and Leopard tanks moved toward Lithuania in the mission of NATO to boost its hostile military presence near the Russian border, closest to Moscow.

NATO provided the Germans to lead the battleground of the military alliance in Lithuania, while the United States will be positioned in Poland. Canada will lead the way in Latvia and the UK will command the forces deployed in Estonia.

Technically there is no way NATO has a chance against the mighty Russian defenses. Only a nuclear powered attack can harm the Russian society living near the border with Poland, where the hostile American nuclear-armed troops are stationed.

If the Russian defense turns into a sudden offense European cities are doomed because NATO simply doesn’t have the defensive technological strength to stop incoming missiles fired from Russia. On the other hand Russia’s defense is solidly sealed off with for instance the powerful S-400 defensive missile systems all around Moscow.

No Limit / AA Magnum News 2017


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