With the largest military build up in NATO’s history rapidly accelerating on Russia’s western border with the EU, these warlike offensive actions towards Russian can no longer be ignored.

Thousands of American troops, tanks and other military equipment continue to flood in on Russia’s doorstep. From the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, NATO now has every inch covered to invade Russia within a couple of minutes.

NATO’s preparations for total war against the Russian Federation is on the way as the Americans have deployed @ least 70 AGM-158B JASSM-ER missiles in Poland to give NATO the first strike capability and hit Russia deep inside Russian territory.

As one of the most feared weapons in the American war arsenal, the JASSM “extended range” missiles, which can boast an operational range of 1000 km, are all equipped with the Counter-electronics “High Power Microwave” Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) payload.

This is an electronic warfare technology that fries electronic equipment with bursts of high power microwave energy, non kinetically destroying them, knocking out key stationery infrastructure sites located deep inside Russia.

Stationed in Poland, along with these JASSM-missiles, are thousands of just deployed US Army troops from Fort Carson, which have been specifically trained to wage war on Russian military forces in Russian cities and villages and wage war on nuclear contaminated battlefields.

President Putin has just ordered the immediate creation of a special aviation division responsible for airlifting personnel to support a full evacuation from the Kremlin of all top political and military leaders residing in Moscow, after confirmation was received that the American-led NATO forces have concluded that a limited nuclear weapons exchange war can only be conducted prior to Russia’s full deployment of Iskander-M missiles.

The window for NATO to attack Russia has been shrinking, as Russia will ready to finish the full deployment of the short-range ‘nuclear-capable’ road-mobile 9K270 Iskander-M ballistic missile system scheduled to be completed before the end of 2017. In order to continue this operation, Trump has to be ousted from office and replaced by another Zionist puppet.

However, the critical flaws in this American plan to wage nuclear war against Russia, is that unlike the USA or the EU, the Russian Federation is fully prepared with nuclear bomb shelters to protect every citizen in the Federation.

Russia’s nuclear war doctrine, once the Motherland is attacked, calls for an immediate de-escalation action to occur, which is actually a devastating counter-strike nuclear response against the aggressors. If NATO thinks it can pull off a stunt like this, they have to launch their war operations against Russia this year.

Russia’s long rang defense systems are already in place, sealing off the Russian airspace against any possible NATO attack mode, while enemy tanks and fighter jets have no chance to battle the Russian Bear successfully.

In fact the NATO-Russian confrontation, can only be pulled off with a short exchange of nuclear weapons, to intimidate Moscow and get Putin on its knees. If this fails to materialize, its end of the American hegemony.

AWD News.com / AA Magnum News 2017.


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