According to the average Western media Russia forms a threat to humanity and the environment we live in. However, to put it straight and simple, NATO forces stand @ Russia’s doorstep and not the other way around.

From the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, all the former Soviet “Warsaw Pact” satellite states have been invaded and replaced by NATO military forces. The annexation and occupation of eastern Europe forms a threat to Russia’s security.

With Nuclear armed NATO forces knocking on the Russian door, Putin has decided that he is not going to let the fascist invasive marionettes in without a fight. The good part of this episode is that most Russia’s technology is far more advanced than the misguided arrogant Zionist war machine’s weaponry.

In the Black Sea, a old Russian Su-24 war jet, equipped with magnetic pulse scramblers, proved how the most advanced American guided missile destroyer, was paralyzed by the Russian war jet, buzzing the electronically hacked warship with over 11 fly by’s. The American navy destroyer rushed to the nearby port for protection. Half of its crew begged for an immediate replacement.

Later Russian submarines electronically buzzed an American aircraft carrier busy roaming the Atlantic Ocean, wiping out all electronic systems on board. The American aircraft carrier rapidly docked in the nearest British port to protect the super expensive warship.

For NATO to dodge this new perspective, they activated their nuclear weapon arsenal in Germany, Europe’s NATO headquarters. However, Putin has already succeeded in eroding NATO’s credibility. Ukraine and Georgia have served as examples how Russia’s tackles fascism.

The Kremlin appears to be driven by peculiar form of Russian nationalism infused with religion and destiny. In this narrative Russia is the guardian of Orthodox Christianity and has a mission to protect and expand the faith.

After defending its interests in the so-called disputed territories of South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Crimea, no country will ever join NATO while being partially occupied by Russia. Putin’s next step could be more dangerous than the previous ones, because he could likely re-establish a security zone in the Baltics.

Perhaps 25% of Russian-speaking Latvians or Estonia’s, who are prohibited to listen to Russian radio stations or watch Russian TV, will begin rioting, protesting for their rights, claiming to be persecuted, asking for international protection.

Like in Ukraine, a suspiciously well armed and well trained “Popular Front for Liberation” of the Russian Baltics will suddenly appear. Followed up with a few Western-style high profile assassinations the Baltics could be pushed to the edge of civil war. Russia will block UNSC resolutions, but will offer its services as a peacekeeper.

This copycat “Western style” diplomatic hybrid warfare will fracture the European unity even more, while the NATO alliance members will keep questioning the value of the mutual security pact, some eastern European countries will choose to bandwagon with Russia to opt for a brighter future.

History always repeats itself. The first Rothschild-backed attempt to invade and annex Russia with Napoleon did not materialize. Hitler’s Nazi-concept could not prevail either, while this time around NATO has lesser chance to successfully manipulate, annex or influence the-Russian-bear.

Foreign / AA Magnum News 2017.


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