The best way to destroy an evil entity is to love it, in order to bounce off the negative energy that comes along with it, like hate, lust, sloth, pride, envy or greed, which are some of the deadly seven sins that will destroy large parts of humanity.

Or is it the mosquitoes that will destroy humanity, some say a bit of both. But also earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, heat waves and rising ocean levels are posing a real threat to modern society nowadays!

In Europe, NATO’s latest military exercises kicked off in Bulgaria this week. Some 25.000 soldiers from 20 NATO member states are involved in the drills. The type of exercises reveal the offensive mode that NATO conducts these days.

Since the Berlin Wall came down and the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, NATO invaded all former Soviet satellite states and now has their military stationed right at Russia’s doorstep! On the other side the Russian military drills are all the way based on a defense principle.

This year the Americans have shipped small nuclear weapons to Germany in order to attack Russia with a nuclear arms assault. One might still hope that this moment will never arrive, but with the minerals like, gas, gold and oil on their territory they became prey for the greedy capitalist business enterprises.

If Russia doesn’t surrender its riches, NATO will try to attempt invade at least a part of Russia. For that reason, Moscow now is the most heavily defended city in the world. However the NATO troops have now completely surrounded Russia, from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea.

NATO is a very dangerous organization and not a defense organization, because its moving on Russia! NATO joined the US-led invasions in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and Iraq over the past 25 years. The US-led attempt bring Ukraine into both the EU and NATO was not a policy that any Russian government could accept.

Reuters / AA Magnum News 2017.


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