Almost 2.600 British ex-soldiers, deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan during the US-led invasion in the two Muslim countries have been imprisoned last year for committing violent sex crimes.

The British Ministry of Justice began identifying the convicted war veterans as they entered the prison system in January 2015, after the concerns over the management of British ex-war zone soldiers at home in the UK.

Mental illness among UK soldiers is sharply on the rise, as they have been condemned for drowning an Iraqi boy and accused of other violent crimes committed in Britain.

Although the British war veterans of the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan represent only 5% of the UK’s prison population, this shows a disproportionate number of serious violent sexual crimes.

Research by the Howard League for Penal Reform also found that 25% of former combat forces were in prison for sexual offenses, compared with 11% of the civilians prison population.

The British government has enshrined the Armed Forces Covenant in law to make sure future war veterans are treated fairly and receive the mental support the deserve, including with mental health issues.

But also getting on the housing ladder and applying for civilian jobs is very important, according to mister Crook, who is the chief-executive of the reform organization.

The British soldiers represented the second largest contingent of mostly Western military forces that took part in the US-led military occupation of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, under the purported ‘war on terror’ schemes.

Nearly 15 years later, both countries are struggling with security issues, while their populations have been decimated and/or deported to other countries in the region. Modern science calls these developments a part of the secret agenda introduced to control and satisfy western-style ‘human engineering’.

This is just what the Zionists always wanted for Britain, to turn it into a country of people with no morals, so they can commit crimes for Zionism and Zionist Power. 

PressTV / AA Magnum News 2017.


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