US president, Donald Trump displayed severe signs of a balanced approach to Israel and Palestine, after hosting Abbas @ the White House last week and Netanyahu earlier in February.

Just the fact that Trump committed his administration to an Israeli-Palestinian peace process sends a message of defiance to the Israeli leadership. For Netanyahu and his government, the peace process is toxic.

The ideal US president would leave Israel alone to expand both settlements and the Israeli military regime governing Palestinians. However, Trump lauded Abbas as a man of peace, while Netanyahu repeated that Abbas is a mastermind of terror for now and future generations, as the 1993 Oslo peace accord are hated by the Israeli right.

The Israeli Tourism minister, Yariv Levin wrote on Facebook that there is no chance to reach a peace agreement in the foreseeable future, while Zionist deputy foreign minister, Tzipi Hotovely railed against the notion of ending the hostile occupation.

In general Netanyahu’s strategy on the conflict has been to stall negotiations until there will be no Palestinian state left to establish. The same motivation is realized with Syria, bomb it to pieces, deport the Syrian people, until no government or civilians are left to defend their historic homelands.

Israeli settlements and military zones encroach on the West Bank. The Zionists suffocating grip over the perimeters of Gaza and periodic proxy wars deepens Palestinian social and political breakdown, in order to guarantee that this way Israel can keep claiming is has no partner to leverage with.

But Trump has a wild card persona, and a blanc canvas approach. With these he could potentially open new ideas for conflict resolution, or put teeth into demands for policy change, such as the still tentative censure of Israeli settlements.

Can Netanyahu hold off that Trump persona? In the past, when Obama got pushy on the peace process, Netanyahu painted him as anti-Israel, viewing Obama as a crypto-Muslim and possibly an anti-Semite. But it just won’t be as easy to accuse Trump of throwing Israel under the bus.

For now the Palestinians are forced to continue to pay taxes to “cover the costs” of the military occupation forces in the West Bank. The settlements are no other than military bastions to oppress the Palestinian freedom movement.

Over 7 million Palestinians have been forcefully deported and/or live in refugee camps situated in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. The proxy war on Syria has been designed to complete the ethnic cleansing process (abroad) in order to get rid of the Muslims and Christians all at once.

Make no mistake, this genocidal formula has been applied earlier in history, which was dubbed the holocaust. The only difference between now and then was that the Jews never got exterminated, and lived on to complete this ‘modern day’ agenda.

Israel Today / AA End Time News 2017.


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