The Israeli extreme right-wing cabinet in Tel Aviv wants breathe new life into efforts to anchor in law, the country’s status as a Jewish State.

However, Palestinians say accepting Netanyahu’s call could be a platform to deny millions of Palestinian refugees of past wars any right of return to their roots.

Also the fact that the Palestinians should accept the Jewish state first, could lead to never recognizing the state of Palestine anymore, effectively creating legislation described as an obstacle to peace.

Such acknowledgement has been a “key <Netanyahu> demand” for reviving Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, that collapsed in 2014 and which Trump has pledged to pursue, confirming that Israel wants to undermine Trump’s peace efforts in order to officially degrade the Arab population into second-class citizens.

Centrists in Netanyahu’s coalition government have argued a “nation-state bill” is unnecessary, noting the 1948 Declaration of Independence already proclaimed a Jewish state. Netanyahu aims to derail Trump’s peace initiatives, when he visits Israel in a couple of weeks.

The moderate Israeli politicians have accused Netanyahu for pampering “ultra right wingers”. However past versions of the bill (which designates only Hebrew as the official language) for the legislation failed to make it through Parliament before.

Reuters / AA Magnum-News 2017.


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