The Netherlands is currently the largest single investor in South America, accounting for 20% of all attributable inflows, followed by the U.S. with 17% in 2014.

China is still far from being Latin America’s major source of foreign direct investment (FDI) and represents roughly 6% of the region’s total FDI. One might wonder if China’s Latin American role is more then just a trade issue.

According to Inter-American Dialogue, during the period from 2005-2015, China lend $125 billion (around 2.5% of the regional GDP) to countries and enterprises in Latin America.

About 25% of the Jewish global population lives in Latin America, with another 20% having their domicile in North America. However nobody can beat the Dutch, which are also the biggest foreign investors in China.

The Dutch are very well known by insiders as the Jews from the West, many of them are trading in the oil (Shell), food (Unilever), finance (ING) and chemicals (AKZO/DSM).

Also the salvage (Smit-Tak) and cargo sectors (KLM) in transport industry are well covered. The Dutch were the first in the world to establish a stock market, about 400 years ago in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Stock Exchange

The Dutch Royals established their wealth dealing in narcotics, like the opium trade. After raking in King William I fortune, they also solely represented and distributed cocaine and other off the record stimulants to the soldiers fighting WW I and WW II.

Some refer to them as the Evil capitalist Empire, because now they (Dutch & Jews) control the world’s largest XTC industry based in the Netherlands. This concept even comes with world’s most famous Dutch DJ’s in order to keep the dancing crowd busy.

Crickey Conservation Society 2006.


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