According to the BBC, North Korea wants to fire its missiles on the tourist island of Guam. But in reality, this Pacific islands has the largest stockpile of US nuclear weapons in the world.

The western media has been fooling the audience for some time now. The fake press outlets present North Korea as a threat to world peace, but it was the Americans who conducted live-fire bombing runs near the border with the democratic republic last month.

Let’s be honest, if the DPRK would have done the same along the Mexican border, all hell would break loose on earth. The USA is the country that threatens the world peace since WW II, however, the fake media always blamed the military victims for disturbing the piece on our planet.

The US military base in Guam has hundreds of nuclear warheads stockpiled, ready to be fired or dropped on Russia and China, and not the other way around! Copy that?

However, the global US peace mission has come to an end, because all governments very well realize that the USA is the only military aggressor working for the evil Zionist networks in order to capture and/or capitalize global country’s assets and minerals for economic gain.

We hope the peaceful tourists sunbathing in Guam are able to find shelter before the Americans start to attack North Korea.

BBC / AA Magnum Global Blog News Site 2017.


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