Russia and China have called on North Korea, South Korea and the USA to sign up to a de-escalation plan drawn up to lessen the tension in the Korean Peninsula.

Pyongyang is willing to give up if it receives some sort of ‘security guarantee’ that North Korea won’t be attacked by the US military. During the last confrontation, after WW II the USA killed 3 million North Koreans.

Xi Jingpin and Putin announced the peace initiative after a meeting in the Kremlin on Tuesday. The issued a joint statement that called on North Korea to voluntarily halt its testing of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and on the USA and South Korea refrain from holding large-scale joint military drills.

The high level of tension in the Korean peninsula prompted Russia and China to make the proposal. Moscow and Beijing also asked the USA to stop the deployment of its THAAD missile system to South Korea, because it does not contribute to the goals of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula!

While South Korea’s new president, Mon Jea-in has halted further THAAD deployment on its territory, two THAAD launchers were already deployed to South Korea under the administration of Park Guen-hye. The THAAD missile system has a radar range of 2.000 km, which makes it able to track movement deep in Chinese and Russian territory.

The Korean version of the THAAD system close to the Chinese borders, can be best compared with the anti-missile shield along the Russian borders in eastern Europe. 

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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