The fatal chemical poisoning of the older half-brother of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, took about 5 seconds @ a Malaysian airport reported on Thursday.

The job has been carried out by secret Western agents, that were ordered to give the North Korean leader a clear message of what Zionist regimes regimes think about democracy and/or other counter productive statesmen on our planet.

The two Zionist female hitman that carried out ‘the job’ were captured on airport surveillance footage on Monday. While one women distracted Kim Jong Nam @ the self-check-in counter, the second feminist sprayed in the face with a deadly chemical.

One suspect that was carrying a Vietnamese passport is now in Malaysian custody. The other woman, identified as an Indonesian national was also arrested, but thought her role in the attack was a ‘comedy’ prank.

The Malaysian government has decided to return Kim Jong Nam’s body to Pyongyang @ North Korea’s request. A Japanese new agency, Jiji Press, immediately reported that there is evidence the two women, supported by four men were hired by North Korea to commit the assassination?

The poison that was sprayed on Kim Jong Nam’s face may have been VX, a deadly chemical that can be used a nerve agent. VX, is a tasteless and odorless liquid that is 100 times more deadly than the nerve gas Sarin.

UPI / AA Magnum-News 2017.


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