After the American leaders threatened North Korea with possible military strikes against the people living in Asian democratic republic, Pyongyang ordered its nuclear armed submarines to get ready for an attack to counter strike the US mainland if necessary.

Russian intelligence has confirmed that the North Korean nuclear submarines are on their way to the USA. North Korea is not Syria or Afghanistan, they are not landlocked and do have a navy that can respond to hostile attacks in order to defend itself against evil invaders that attack under false pretexts.

The South China Morning Post has listed five reasons why the US can not attack North Korea, and one of them goes as far back to 1955. Any military action in North Korea carries far greater risks.

The newspaper notes that the situation on North Korea is not the same as Syria, where the Trump administration launched an attack against an airbase after accusing Syrian president Bashar al-Assad of bombing his own people with chemical weapons.

Technically, the Korean peninsula remains in a state of war, with an armistice signed by Washington and Beijing, which was endorsed by the UN. Any American attack would breach that treaty. Secondly North Korea’s has nuclear weapons capabilities, with miniaturized nuclear warheads to strike back.

North Korea also has developed nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) that can reach the USA within the next four years during Trump’s presidency. Another problem the USA would face if it attacked North Korea is China.

China and the Democratic Republic of North Korea have signed the “Sino-North Korea Mutual Aid & Cooperation Friendly Treaty” to which both parties are obliged to offer immediate military and other assistance in the event of an outside attack. The treaty has been extended twice and is valid until 2021.

China is insisting on a peaceful resolution for fear that its border would be pierced by hundreds of thousands of refugees from North Korea if the Kim Jung-un government collapsed.

The fifth reason the US should evaluate any military action is that Beijing views North Korea as a buffer zone to protect itself against US-Japanese-South Korea military provocation. Seoul, the capital of South Korea is only 40 km from the border and very vulnerable to an North Korean counter attack.

The USA can not protect Seoul for @ least the first 24-48 hours after a military confrontation has ignited. Now the North Koreans have a couple of nuclear armed submarines on its way the American coast, which forms the biggest threat so far in the episode.

Defense officials warned that the intensity of combat with Pyongyang would be greater that any the world has witnessed since the last Korean-War.

IBT / AA-Magnum-News 2017.


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