According to The Heritage Foundation, North Korea’s new Taepodong 3 Ballistic Missile has an estimated range of 13.000 km. This would place the entire continental U.S. within range of the missile.

Last weekend NK tested a highly technical long-range rocket system, as part of its peaceful space program. The satellite launch was complete successfully.

However the West experiences this development as hostile, because the rocket could possibly also launch a nuclear warhead towards the USA. Why NK should have these hostile plan remains unclear.

NK has never in its histroy attacked another country. On the other hand the USA has deployed covert military forces all over the globe in 80 different countries.

The United States has agreed to deploy the THAAD missile system to South Korea. Now this is what the world calls a hostile development. China and Russia have already expressed their concern against missiles in their backyards.

Business Insider 2016.


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