Low-cost budget airline Norwegian Air kicked off the first Trans-Atlantic Boeing-737 flights from Newburgh, New York to Edinburgh, Scotland this weekend. One-way tickets on the new routes have been as cheap as $65!

Four years ago, Norwegian low-cost long-haul flights revolutionized transatlantic travel. Now they once more paved the way with the long anticipated service from three new US-cities (Newburgh, Providence & Hartford) to Scotland, Ireland, Norway & Northern Ireland.

Norwegian long-term plans include flights between places like Scotland and cities on the US West Coast like San Francisco & Los Angeles. Also cities between the US coasts like Memphis are on the program.

These expansions are also facilitated by the Boeing-737’s, which are cheaper to operate than the wide-bodied Boeing-787 Dreamliners, typically used for overseas flights by other commercial airliners.

Norwegian Air is currently using 737-800 planes, but is planning to upgrade to more fuel-efficient 737-MAX aircrafts. The airline hopes to acquire its first 737-MAX by the end of the month, in order to begin flying them on northeast routes by late summer 2017.

UPI / AA-Magnum-News 2017.


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