Since Saudi Arabia flooded the crude oil market with petroleum in 2014, the price went down from $100 to $26 per barrel, destroying the income of all U.S. political enemies.

In January 2016, the price found its bottom @ $26 per barrel. Now the crude oil value bounced back to $50 per barrel last week. The one year forecast stands @ $56 per barrel of crude oil.

The reason for the oil price hike is simple, the Canadian Oil Sands Inferno that is blazing away since last month, is hurting the production efforts of the third largest oil reserve field in the world, after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

In a move to destroy the U.S. political enemies, the Saudi’s acted as the puppet troll to damage the economies of certain oil exporting countries like Iran, Venezuela, Russia (NATO), Nigeria (Boko Haram), Libya (al-Qaeda), Iraq and Syria (ISIS), while western supported terror groups were slaying and killing Islamic citizens during the political commotion.

With the actual oil price @ the moment, only Kuwait is able to squeeze a profit out of the black gold. The remaining oil exporting economies are still in dire straits, because of the secret and covert inserted collapse.

Only oil importing countries, like the Israel, Japan, China, EU, Turkey and the U.S. profited from the crude oil price crash. This way political and economical scores have been settled according to the governments of these countries.

Under the initiative of OPEC and Russia, the oil price was able to bounce back to a level it causes less-damage to the targeted economies. The IMF, World Bank and WTO teamed-up together. / AA edited News 2016.


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