These laws lead to the formation of the Universe and the conditions for life. “Now Life” starting with the DNA molecule, is basically the molecule spreading, evolving and experiencing itself in as many different variations. Like a feed back loop that feeds upon itself.

On the microscopic level, it’s the DNA molecule that is connected to all other DNA’s as one, like on a vast “computer network”. Intelligence on this level, and how logic reasoning and programming takes place has not been fully understood.

It could suggest that this is where the so-called “Matrix” is. Also on this DNA level it could be like science fiction story “VALIS”; a novel by Philip K. Dick. His story suggests a vast “Active Living Intelligence System”, now this could be implied as God.

Also consider God is God by many different ‘definitions’ and ‘opinions’ of belief. Actually, if we look at the Hinduism, their concept of God or gods leads to the very conditions we have here now on Earth. They speak of “Four Ages”, the Universe goes through. We are in the last age, the “Age of Hell”, as they say.

Al Gobeo / AA Magnum News 2017.


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