The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the State Bank of Pakistan have reached an agreement on banking and payment duties, as the two countries seek to raise the volume of bilateral trade to $5 billion.

The trade settlements were signed in Tehran on behalf of respective central banks. The mechanism must make it possible for trade to be conducted via letter of credit (LC’s) in order to promote mutual interests without foreign intervention.

Boosting trade for both bordering Muslim nations is a new incentive to help out business transactions between Islamabad and Tehran. However, internationally its is seen as another nail in the coffin of the petrodollar.

For unity, the necessary Islamic knowledge should be acquired, and practical steps should be taken to guarantee the life quality of future generations in the region. The Kazar mafia needs to be chased out back to Khazaria.

Pakistan has been kept in isolation by the USA as a buffer state between India and Iran. The 200 million Pakistanis had to figure out a way to trade amongst each other by sea- or airlinks to the rest of the world, avoiding to be kept back and remain underdeveloped.

Opening up trade with Pakistan is a huge victory as it can connect Pakistan and Iran by truck & train or pipeline and the electric grid to the rest of the continent to end the US imposed siege.

Hopefully the gas pipeline and electric transmission lines will now go through and regular road- and rail traffic will take off bringing trade and prosperity to Pakistanis. For now Pakistan doesn’t want any trade with India as long as Kashmir is not free from British-Indian colonialism, occupation and oppression.

PressTV / AA Magnum News 2017.


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