The PAR politicians have won the Curacao 2017 elections, thanks to a massive trash campaign by the media and other sources that want to support the Dutch recolonization of the prosperous Caribbean islands along the coast of Venezuela.

Curacao used to be the pearl in the Caribbean, before PAR entered the rings of corruption in the early 1990’s. However, the mess that they partially helped to create was shuffled on the shoulders of the opposition MFK and Gerrit Schotte. The MFK and Schotte only managed to govern the island for 23 months, before he was accused and dubiously convicted for corruption and theft.

Since PAR entered the political crime ring, Curacao has been in distress, with rising crime rates and lower educational prospects for the local people, while the tax evading tourism industry is booming on the island. Half of the islands population now resides in Holland, after they had been economically deported to the motherland.

The PAR capitalist society blamed the local back drop in life quality on Schotte, who has even been sentenced for corruption and theft by the Dutch judges on the island.

About 70.000 of the 150.000 citizens voted for the PAR to win the elections. PAR received just over 18.000 of those preliminary votes and will in no way govern to help the locals to benefit from the tourism development. This is mostly up to CHATA, which functions as the gladiator in the tourism sector.

PAR must will try to form a coalition with MAN to govern the cocaine hub for the next 4 years. The airport, where most of the business takes place, has already fallen into the hands of foreign entities, thanks to the PAR politicians. Under the cover of Curacao Airport Partners (CAP) now decides how the lucrative airlift flows will be shared.

MFK collected nearly 16.000 votes during the elections and will now have 5 seats in parliament, which is the same total as MAN has rounded up. PAR has 6 seats according to the actual election results. Under false pretensions PAR will now sign more lucrative ‘agreements’ with the Dutch colonial invaders, that took over the economy since the PAR was established 25 years ago.

The fascist trash campaign worked perfectly for the entities that are annexing the public rights and economic developments in order to shift the dictatorship into the supposed direction. Capitalism has prevailed once again at the cost of sabotaging the local community.

Unfortunately these results will cause more crime and less local development, except for the infrastructure needed to accommodate the tourist invasion, which have occupied almost all the pristine beaches on the island.

Crickey Conservation Society 2006.



  1. It is the MFK leader Pisas that went to the prison of Curacao to ask support from criminals. and MFK got many votes from the Curacao prison. MFK donors are mafia. Their old minister is the prime suspect in the murder of Helmin Wiels. MFK is a the prime example of corruption and criminals.

  2. Don’t forget to mention that MFK 4 members in parliament 3 are convicted criminals! MFK is financed by mafia! That’s why the people of Curacao voted for the parties MAN and PAR. Against the MFK mafia!

  3. Funny! Of course you hide your identity and your background while trying to defend what everyone knows are convicted criminals. But still funny…! If only you had any credibility…

  4. We are a non-profit organization that delivers community service for free to guarantee our independence ….and you Pietje Pluk, go educate yourself instead of wondering around in your deep sleep ……….illusion.

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