At least one police officer was shot dead in Paris tonight, after a lone machine gun man opened fire at a police car patrolling the Champ Elysees.

No one knows who the French police are dealing with. Police officers die in every major city in the world fighting crime, but in France they usually blame it on ISIS.

Just like every time there is chemical attack in Syria, they blame Assad. The French declare they have the evidence that ISIS or Assad did it by sitting in a chair in France as soon as they heard the news.

However it remains a tragic event, which could have been avoided if the French government decided not to support terrorist networks in an effort to oust Assad.

ISIS is a much bigger threat than Assad will ever be. As the Russians, Egyptians, Syrians and Iraqis are fighting ISIS, than who is providing arms, blood money, shelter and chemical gases to these Takfiri thugs?

The USA and Israel air strikes often miss their targets and accidentally kill Syrian government soldiers.

On the other hand, France has to deal with the upcoming elections this weekend. Thursday’s attack came three days before the first round of balloting in France’s tense presidential election, hotly disputed by the far right candidate, Marine Le Pen. She has vowed a though line on immigration, blaming it for the violence preying on France.

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