As the Pentagon takes control over US Wars, more escalation and casualties are feared around the globe.

US president, Donald Trump has granted more freedom to the Pentagon in conducting US military operations and silently increasing the number of US Troops around the world.

In the three months of his presidency, Trump has given the US Department of Defense significant control over US Military Operations around the world.

The US is quietly increasing its troop deployments around the world, and using loopholes to avoid exceeding official troop caps in NATO’s Europe. In Iraq and Syria, Trump authorized the deployment of additional US ground troops against UN-regulations.

This way the USA allows combat situations to violate political and policy agreements in order to carry out strikes without approval of the US Congress or the United Nations Security Council.

More pro-active involvement of US Military will cause more casualties, both among civilians and US soldiers. There have already been troubling civilians and military casualties in recent operations in Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan.

A final and decisive defeat of the chaos-inducing terror groups that have spawned around the world is surely to be desired. But as US military intervention, including toppling governments, is seen as directly contributing to their formation, its unclear whether unfettered-boots on the ground will really be a solution.

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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