The Pentagon has deployed its Cyber soldiers to work in the US Army’s “Troll Division” in attempt to curb the news published in the anti-Zionist alternative media.

The unit is tasked with deflecting alleged propaganda in order to promote its own online version of the global developments. The software is required to monitor and analyze the impact of the message on the target audience.

The “Federal Business Opportunities” official website said that the US Military needs sophisticated intelligence tools that could enable soldiers working within the troll division to better understand Social Media posts in different languages such as Russian, Arabic, Chinese and French.

The description of what the US military wants from the future software is outlined in a request for the submission of white papers published on the Federal Business Opportunities.

However, the West has been running these type of so-called troll farms against other countries for a long time.

Last year the CIA expanded their program that facilitates fake propaganda stories by using agents to troll internet forums, social media and alternative website in a huge attack on Alternative Media.

The self-improving AI tool is meant to work with text, voice, images and other content on social media in Arabic, French, Pashtu, Farsi, Urdu, Russian and Korean. It should understand colloquial phrasing, spelling variations, social media brevity codes and emojis, and also recognize various dialects.

The content will be automatically analyzed for sentiment – at minimum distinguish positive, neutral and negative emotions and preferably tell anger, pleasure, sadness and excitement. It should also have the “capability to suggest whether specific audiences could be influenced based on derived sentiment.

The US propaganda unit must intervene and disturb the growing anti-globalist Russian News sites, such as RT, Pravda, Sputnik, TASS and Russia Insider.

Neon Nettle / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News 2018.


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