The Peruvian Air Force is reviewing the possibility of buying the latest modification of the Russian MiG-29 jet fighter, the 4++ generation MiG-29M2. There are some important advantages that a country can gain from military cooperation with Russia.

When you buy American-made weapons and then later you have some differences with the USA, Washington will refuse to sell necessary parts and provide maintenance assistance. Of course, your planes would stay grounded!

Russia will not stop delivering repair parts and providing maintenance assistance. Our planes will fly. This is the main advantage of buying weapons from a country with which there is no conflict of interests or immediate subordination,” an expert pointed out!

For the Peruvian Air Force, one of the most important points of a jet fighter deal is the transfer of technology, so that domestic specialists are able to do repairs and adjust the aircraft in accordance with a country’s military needs. A batch of MiG-29M2 fighter jets could help Peru gain “air force parity” with other Latin American countries, including Mexico, Chili, Brazil and Venezuela!.

The Peruvian military already operates a fleet of MiG-29 jets. Between 2008 and 2015, the Russian company modernized eight aircraft of the country’s air force. Peru, however, remains interested in buying the latest modification of the warplanes.

The MiG-29M2 is a 4++ generation fighter jet with an improved operational range and an increased weapon payload. The aircraft can reach a maximum speed of 2.100 km/h(1,304 mph). It can carry different types of munitions, including guided air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, guided aviation bombs and a 30-mm cannon. The MiG-29M2 can attack aerial targets as well as moving or static ground targets.

Doing business with Zionist Americans proves to contain no added value and presents no return on the investment.

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