Some pharmaceutical medicine can cause you immediate psychological damage. A new CDC report confirmed that half of all Americans are addicted to drugs and take some pharmaceutical ‘medicine’ for their sickness.

Over 150 million citizens in the USA are consuming medications that are test drugs or even unproven products. This is an alarming issue since taking so much medication can cause many health-threatening problems in the human body.

The number of Americans that take medication increased with 10% since 1990. It used to be illegal for pharmaceutical companies to push ‘legal’ drugs onto people, but with the rise of drugs marketed commercials the number of victims using drugs have snowballed.

If people feel up caught in the in the pharmaceutical drug web, then they should ask themselves if taking a pill to mask symptoms based on bad lifestyle is the right choice to go. Consuming pharmaceutical drugs will not cure your illness, instead many of the drugs cause more long term harm, than good!

Many people do not know about the dangers of taking prescription medications. But for some reason people ignore the extensive list of side effects that every medicine and vaccine contain. People focus more on rapid pain relief for their symptoms rather than real treatment or even long lasting prevention.

The hit list of top pharmaceutical medications that cause significant harm to your body within days of taking them are the following prescriptions ;

# 1. The Influenza Vaccine, or better known as Flu-Shot carry a significant amount of aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde. Injecting mercury into your muscle tissue will send a widespread shock through your body, which causes a severe instant hyper immune reply from the central nervous system. Mercury toxicity has been known to cause digestive imbalances, oral health problems, ADD, memory loss, respiratory problems, depression and cardiovascular diseases!

# 2. Blood Thinners are not, in many cases life savers. But the new “anticoagulants” drugs bring a deadly side effect with them. Simple cuts, such as minor internal injury can be fatal because it next to impossible to stop the bleeding. At the moment doctors in America are not authorized to prescribe or talk about resveratrol, because this remedy is a natural remedy for blood clots.  

# 3. Chemotherapy should already be illegal, but its not! Many Americans do not even know that the success rate of chemo is only 2.3%! About 75% of oncologists wouldn’t recommend chemotherapy to a family member! So this leaves us wondering why other would need to go through chemo if doctors wouldn’t go near it? Chemotherapy kills good gut bacteria and lowers human immunity. Doing so the person looses the ability to fight cancer! 

# 4. The Anxiety Medications Benzodiazepines are dangerous as it immediately slows down the central nervous system, tricking the brain to think you are relaxed both mentally and physically. Fooling the central nervous system to relax leads to many side effects. Also all benzodiazepines are highly addictive. The popular described for anxiety are Valium, Xanax, Prozac, Zoloft, Ativan & Klonopin. The FDA noted that these drugs could worsen depression and cause hallucination and increase suicidal thoughts. 

Conclusion : Prescription pills and treatments have many dangerous side effects. The result can be short-term or long-term depending on the severity of the damage. / AA Magnum Blog News 2017. 


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