Foreign supported terrorist groups in the Philippines are now aiming to destroy the country’s tourism sector by organizing terror plots, such as kidnapping and bombing operations @ popular tourist resorts.

A planned attack on a central Philippine resort island this week was uncovered by governments security forces, after successfully detecting to thwart the kidnapping plot by Abu Sayyaf’s armed terror forces in the island province of Bohol, which is a popular tourist destination far from the militants southern jungle bases.

Three soldiers, a policemen, two villagers and at least four terrorists, including a key Sayyaf commander, were killed in a day-long siege in the village of Inabanga. 

The terrorists are aiming to divert the military focus from intense offenses on their militants jungle encampments in the southern Sulu province and outlying islands. This year two Canadians and a German tourist were beheaded by terrorists aligned with ISIS. 

Troops recovered assault rifles, grenades and bomb making materials. The terrorists who traveled from Sulu by motor boat were guided to Inabanga’s interior hinterlands by local spies.

A few days before the Bohol violence, the US Embassy in Manila advised Americans to take precautions amid ‘credible information’  of possible kidnappings by terrorists in Bohol and other central areas. Later, the British and Canadian embassies issued similar travel warnings to their citizens.

The Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte warned that he would not allow foreign terrorists to disturb the peace in the Asian country, and ordered his military to control the security of his Muslim nation.

AP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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