Since the time of Napoleon, the Jewish blood lines have actively taken over the show on our planet. When Napoleon needed money to fight his war against Russia, the Rothschild family traded paper money in exchange for gold.

With the paper money, Napoleon could now pay and supply his army in order for them to launch an attempt to invade and annex the Russian riches, such as minerals and other exclusive products Russia naturally has in store.

Later, during the WW II, another attempt was made to occupy Russia. But again the cold winters in Russia protected the country from its enemies, which killed over 30 million people all together.

Now NATO is trying to launch an attack on Russia, but any successful results remains in vain. The Jewish horror show on planet Earth is aimed @ controlling all riches the world has to offer. The useless eaters, as Kissinger used to refer to and call the non-Jewish world’s population.

The Old Testament describes and glorifies how the Jews are the only chosen ones and God’s true people, and anyone else must be destroyed/eliminated in order to create a peaceful environment on planet Earth.

The Romans had forbidden the Jews to perform craftsmanship, and therefore were forces to become traders and bankers. This decision created the exact tool for the Jews to concur and dominate the world’ economy. Apart from some trade wars, the Jewish people decide how the world is ruled.

All the big institutions (IMF-World Bank-WTO-UN), banks (Chase-Goldman Sachs), media (Reuters-AP) and companies (Exxon-Mobil) are owned by the Jewish community.

The only central bank empire not yet in the hands of the Rothschild family, are situated in Russia, Syria, Libya, Cuba and North Korea. Exactly the countries, that the Anglo-Saxon block, led by Washington is in conflict with?

The world is Hollywood and Hollywood is run by the Illuminati. The mainstream media censors every link or comment made by people trying to unmask the real truth. The new cyber-era tools are Google, Amazon and Facebook, which continues to publish and sell fake news and fake products that ‘comfort’ our lives.

AA Magnum News 2017.


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